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Gender: Biologically Based or Socially Constructed? February 23, 2011

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Is Gender biologically based or is it socially constructed?

Some would argue that gender is biologically based. This would mean that women are more naturing and men are more competitive because it is written in their DNA.

Others would argue (and I agree) that gender is socially constructed. This means that attitudes and beliefs are shaped by the world around us. Social pressures influence children to believe that they are supposed to act a certain way. For instance, in pre-school if a boy were seen playing with a Barbie doll it can be assumed that many of the children around him would tease him for “acting like a girl.” Also, if a girl were seen playing with a truck she would be called a “tomboy” and thought of as different than other girls.  Nowadays it is becoming more and more common to see the line between genders slowly diminishing.

Sex and Gender are NOT synonymous.

Sex= physiological; male or female

We can’t define what it is to be a woman if we can’t define what it is to be a man.



One Response to “Gender: Biologically Based or Socially Constructed?”

  1. tceaser6 Says:

    i like your arguments. i your argument about tour gender is socially constructed i think alot of human behavior is socially constructed im hoping to steer my blogs towards social construction so this blog was good incite

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