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Childrearing Throughout Television March 27, 2011

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Throughout the years the portrayal of parenting has changed dramatically. As a child, growing up with two working parents, I never knew what it was like to have the quintessential “TV mom.”  To this day I still wonder if I would have rather had my mom at home while my dad provided and supported our family financially.

Looking back at the stereotypical TV mom’s like June Cleaver, Donna Reed, and Margaret Anderson it is amazing to see how much parenting has changed. It also makes you wonder if the parents portrayed on television actually reflected the parenting going on off screen.

For my screening blog I plan to focus on the ever-changing portrayal of parenting and childrearing throughout the years of television. I find it particularly interesting that as of recent, fathers have been becoming more and more prevalent in the role of parenting. Single-parent homes are also a semi new addition to the TV repertoire.

Some questions I’d like to answer in my screening blog post are…

  • When did the shift from mothers as the primary child rearer to fathers having a bigger role take place in television?
  • When did we start to see more single-parent homes on television?
  • When did we start to see same sex parenting on television?
  • What was the context of these changes?
  • Are the changes portrayed in a positive or negative light?

Parenting and child rearing is a subject that greatly interests me. I am excited to see what this screening blog post reveals about the portrayal of parenting in television, and the truth behind it.


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